commercialFloorguard belongs in your Factory, Machine Shop, Warehouse, Parking Garage or anywhere that concrete flooring needs protection from chemicals, heavy traffic, and other abrasive elements.

Floorguard is an extraordinary flooring system that is extremely durable, chemical resistant and easy to clean. Our systems will enhance the appearance of your concrete floor under adverse conditions while protecting the investment in your facility. We offer acid resistant, chemical and UV resistant flooring to name a few and we are down time specialists. If time constraints and shutting down your facility is an issue, Floorguard has the solution!

How it works

Floorguard® Concrete Preparation is second to none! We mechanically prepare the concrete by removing the top thin layers of the concrete substrate. By doing this, we ensure there are no contaminates to interfere with the bond between the Bond Coat and the concrete substrate. Our Bond Coat material penetrates deep into the concrete, creating a tight bond that will last for years to come! Floorguard then applies a heavy blanket of Media to excess into the Bond Coat, which creates a heavy, durable foundation. Once this has cured, we then apply our CR Top Coat, which is a thick, chemical and UV resistant topcoat made to encapsulate the media, giving you a rich, tough, and beautiful finished Floorguard floor.

Color Options

Floorguard offers a variety of colors to match any theme in a business or facility. Click on the colors below to view all of the color options. Custom colors available.


Professional Installation

Floorguard has stood the test of time. With over 9 million sq/ft of flooring installed, we are the most respected name in the industry. We earned our reputation by installing superior flooring and by providing superior customer service. Our employees are your advocate from the first sales call until your business is “back in business”. Please call now to experience the Floorguard difference. One of our friendly, qualified representatives are waiting for your call.