About Floorguard

Floorguard® is the most respected and trusted name in the garage floor coating business. We have been at the forefront of the seamless flooring industry for 25 years and have augmented our top of the line flooring.

Our founder has guided Floorguard® into the enviable position of near-peerless quality in the flooring industry, carefully adjusting inputs to create a proprietary blend of material and processes that result in floors that look beautiful and last for years. This developement occurred in unfavorable weather conditions including extreme cold, heat, humidity, wind and rain.

Why We Are Unique

In contrast to any competitor who has only been around for a handful of years, Floorguard® floors have stood up to the test of time. Years of painful and tedious development have resulted in the absolute best product available. Because we manufacture our own material, we are able to stand behind our product and provide superior customer service. We will never defray responsibility if a problem arises and will never leave a customer to fend for themselves, we guarantee it.

Floorguard’s manufacturing and application techniques are competencies that result in better service and a better quality product for customers. Floorguard not only offers the best flooring system available, but also the most durable, flexible and beautiful organizational system as well. Floorguard® is the ultimate one stop shopping resource for complete garage transformations.