Epoxy Flooring is a Much Better Solution than Paint

A long time ago, in a land far away, there was no such thing as epoxy flooring! How in the world were concrete floors protected from the wear and tear of cars, foot traffic, chemicals, etc? Well, back then paint was the simple answer. Paint was the go-to concrete protector. Some people still use this ancient practice to cover their concrete flooring, however, better technology has surfaced.

So, why is paint not the optimal concrete covering choice? Well, concrete already has a porous nature. Porous is defined as being permeable by air or water. Due to this property of concrete, liquids can leak into the concrete despite its coat of paint and stain the concrete. Sometimes, the stain will be so severe that it cannot be removed. In other instances, a substance as simple as water can be devastating to your concrete flooring. If water is absorbed into the concrete, under the right conditions it can freeze. This causes the surface of the concrete to swell and possibly crack due to the pressure. Not only is this very unsightly, it can also cause your concrete to become uneven and hazardous to those who frequent your space. Although paint can lend a hand in preventing these events, it is not the optimal solution.

One of these reasons is because a painted floor requires quite a lot of maintenance. For instance, painted floor is a lot harder to clean because there is a fine line between achieving squeaky clean floors and chipping the paint that covers your concrete. In addition to this, paint needs many reapplications. Depending on how much foot traffic, automobile traffic, etc. crosses your floors, the paint that protects your concrete may need multiple reapplications each and every year. Depending on how much space you have, how much paint is required, and if you hire someone to complete the job, this could become very expensive over time.

Thankfully, epoxy coatings were introduced to the concrete flooring market. Epoxy floorings are far more beneficial than a simple coat of paint. Epoxy flooring seals concrete to prevent any substances from penetrating the surface of your concrete. It also improves the structural integrity of your concrete. With Epoxy, your floors will be more durable, need less maintenance, be easier to clean, and more beautiful to look at! Although epoxies can be another DIY project, it is much better to hire a professional epoxy technician to provide this service for you. These technicians have the knowledge and experience to supply the best possible epoxy coating possible. They will ensure a proper installation as quickly as possible, leaving you with practically new concrete that will stay looking new for many years to come!