Broken window theory and how it can help you have a more beautiful home

Many people may have a hard time understanding a connection between a theory about crime prevention and how they maintain their residences, but if we dig a little deeper, its easy to see that such a connection exists. Broken window theory was proposed in 1982 by two social scientists. It stated that a building that […]

Why it’s important to treat your floor

Everyone knows cement is a great building material. It’s resistant, resilient and cheap. When we fly over a city, we look down to see a sea of cement, it’s grey texture spread out over the landscape. We see cement trucks and cement mixers far more often than trucks carrying lumber or Timber, and much more […]

The science behind epoxy

Epoxy technically refers to a kind resin, but the name has come to be associated with a function – those substances that harden in the presence of another substance. The reaction of two chemicals forms a new chemical, known as a polymer, that has a higher temperature and hardness than either the chemicals that formed […]

The Man Cave

The concept of the ‘man cave’ has seen a popular resurgence in recent culture, featured in many movies and TV shows, but what is a man cave, and how can you make one for yourself? First of all, its not literally a cave, but rather a room in the house, be it the garage, basement, […]