The Benefits of using Epoxy Floors and How to Apply it?

If you are looking forward to applying new garage floor coverings, and if you started asking around, many of your friends and family will tell you that epoxy is the best. There are other options of course such as the regular concrete paints that can be used on the concrete floors. These concrete paints are […]

The Percentage of Solid of Epoxy Coatings

Epoxy garage floor coverings are not all the same, there is many different types and like everything in life, you might not always get what you need or what you think you are getting. This is why it is important to know the different between the different epoxy floors if you want your floor to […]

The Most Important Facts about Epoxy Flooring that you need to know

Epoxy is one of the most favored flooring types in the building industry. This includes residential houses, industrial plants, hangars and car show rooms to mention a few. So if you are thinking of implementing it, you better get to know these facts about it as it will help you understand it more. 1- Epoxy […]

Epoxy Flooring – The Perfect Solution for Many Spaces

Choosing the flooring is one of the most important decisions that has to be made, whether for industrial plants, commercial businesses or residential homes. Different types of flooring have their own benefits as well as their drawbacks, there isn’t a perfect type of flooring but there are flooring types that come with minimal drawbacks. One […]