Epoxy Flooring and Epoxy Floor Coating

When people talk about epoxy, they say epoxy floor coatings or epoxy flooring, not knowing that these two epoxy solutions are not the same. The two solutions are epoxy based and they provide a grime resistant, a tough and a durable floor. The difference between the two of them is the amount of epoxy paint […]

The Three Main Types of Epoxy

Whenever you are thinking of changing the flooring system in any part of the house, you should definitely consider installing epoxy flooring. This is because epoxy is seamless and it does not give bacteria or any other containment a place to multiply. This is why they are not just great in houses or as garage […]

Things to Know Before Applying your Epoxy Floors

Epoxy flooring has many advantages that have made it one of the most popular flooring types in households and industrial facilities. So if you are contemplating whether to use epoxy in your house or not, here are some of the facts that you need to know about epoxy so you can make that decision. Epoxy […]

Understanding What Epoxy It, Its benefits and How to Maintain it

Epoxy flooring is the perfect solution for anyone who is looking for a floor type that is not only durable and highly resistant, but also a great looking floor type that is easy to clean and maintain. If you are thinking of using epoxy floors in your garage or any other area around the house, […]