Choose Your Color for an Epoxy Garage Floor

Having an epoxy garage floor can make any car come to life. Putting the finishing touches to a garage floor can make the entire home look professional and clean-cut. Epoxy is nothing more than an extra finish to a floor. It also acts as a coating that resists water and stains. Homeowners should also notice […]

Epoxy is not a Floor Paint It is so Much More

Epoxy is not a floor paint. It is a two-part polymer that has a curing process that makes it resistant to stains and impacts. A garage floor paint may have small amounts of epoxy included, but this only makes the paint more adhesive. It does not add any of the protective effects of a garage floor […]

Get a Professionally Applied Epoxy Garage Floor

An epoxy garage floor is anti-skid, resists oil stains, and wipes clean with the same ease as a kitchen counter. Epoxy flooring comes with enough variety; you’re bound to find something that appeals to your aesthetics. Choose from different colors and a wide selection of textures and additives. Most people’s impression of an epoxy floor […]

Happy Garages Have Epoxy Flooring Wayne, PA

Epoxy flooring Wayne, PA in your garage not only looks fantastic but it also protects your floor from leaks, drops and spills. Radiator leaks can be corrosive. Battery acid and antifreeze or also extremely dangerous to children and pets. Even when you wipe these from cement there is residue that attracts animals, particularly dogs. Garage floor epoxy will […]

Garage Floor Coatings Wilmington, DE

There are many professional companies out there that provide people with garage floor coatings Wilmington, DE, coverings, and resurfacing. Professionals complete these tasks with the utmost high quality while also carrying them out in a safe manner. A lot of people would usually prefer to obtain a garage floor covering Wilmington, DE, coating, or even resurfacing mainly for style. […]

How To Achieve Precision and Beauty with Epoxy Floors

Nowadays, people all around the world are using epoxy to cover their surfaces, like home floors. Some big name companies also use epoxy as a way to make their floors look cleaner and sleek. Now you might be wondering what is epoxy? Well, epoxy is a type of strong adhesive that is used for covering […]

Garage Floor Covering Westchester, PA

So, you want to work on your garage? You need to spice it up and make things like nice, new and clean again. Garages accumulate some of the most filth and grime you can think of. Holding old storage boxes, parking cars there, fixing household items. Your garage flooring may suffer lots of wear and […]

An Answer to Your Rough Basement or Garage Floor-Epoxy Flooring

Remodeling your home, finishing a basement or reorganizing your garage? What you do with the current flooring will make the difference in your finished project. Epoxy flooring may be the answer to your flooring needs. Epoxy flooring is easy to do after you finish the prepping. It is important to follow instructions and make sure […]