Update your Garage this Winter

The winter months bring the cold, the snow and other conditions that make it nearly impossible to make upgrades to the exterior of your house. However, that does not mean you are unable to make any kind of upgrade to your home. You just need to look inward. Your garage is one of the most […]

Updating your Garage with One Simple Change

Your garage is where you park your vehicle, work on projects and store odds and ends. But couldn’t it be much more than that? Yes, it can. You just need to update your garage with a simple change. This simple change increases the value of your house and makes your garage more practical as well. […]

Is Your Garage Cold And Univiting?

Having a garage that is oddly uninviting can be tough to deal with when you leave your car in the house. When parking your car in the car, the floor and the entire garage needs to be properly maintained. It’s easy for a garage to be very dirty since it’s usually the last place to […]

Is Your Garage An Eyesore?

Your garage is probably an eyesore to look at. Are the floors just exhausting to walk on? Does it need a good cleaning? A garage that hasn’t been maintained is not going to turn out nicely. This is why you need to consider working towards improving your floor and getting it fixed. If you are […]

Make Your Garage Into Your Man Cave

A garage is not just an adjoining structure in which to park a car. A lot of homeowners don’t even put their car inside of the garage. Instead, the choose to use the garage as a storage unit. That is perfectly fine, but a lot of space ends up going to waste. For those men […]

No Doubt About It: Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings Are The Way To Go

Imagine if you remodeled a house from top to bottom. You painted, fixed what needed to be fixed, put in new appliances and fixtures but then at the end of it you left the old, patchy flooring. No matter how good you made the rest of the house look, that floor will be the first […]

Making Your Garage Family Friendly

A garage is one of the most desired amenities in any home. Most homeowners use their garages primarily to store their vehicles and protect them from the elements. This allows them to make sure their vehicles are safely stored away each night. It also allows them the ability to help avoid damage to the vehicle […]

Change Your Garage, Change Your Home

Making their house more usable and ideal for their lifestyle is an aim that many homeowners share. A house should ideally be right for the homeowner’s needs and wants at all times. Homeowners want every single room in the house to be useful, comfortable and safe as well as highly inviting. Rooms in the house […]