Protect and Prevent with Epoxy Floors

It happens often that if any kind of home improvement project is discussed, the question of how much it will cost always comes up. Although many families may be comfortable with their finances, a huge expense is not always in the budget. However, most people would still say it is best to spend a little […]

Garage Floor Coatings, Better Sooner than Later

Everyone is familiar with the old saying that it is better to take care of something “sooner rather than later.” This is immensely true when it comes to resurfacing the floors of your home’s garage. It is true that most garage floors have never been resurfaced. This will be fine for a few years, but […]

Reducing Summertime Allergies with Garage Floor Coatings?

As Summertime approaches quickly, allergies become a bigger problem for many people. With higher pollen counts and increased humidity, allergies begin to skyrocket, and so does the growth of mold spores in our home. Garages are one of the biggest culprits of housing dust particles, growing mold, and contributing to your heightened allergies. Luckily, there […]

Unprotected garage floors are left prone to many stains

It is quite easy to stain concrete due to its porous nature. Concrete likes to soak up any liquid that has fallen, spilled, leaked, or splashed onto it. Teaching your teenager how to complete an oil change, your latest DIY project, or your toddler’s art phase may all contribute to your concrete being a multicolored […]

Garage Floor Cracks

Think of all the wear and tear that your garage has suffered over the years. Between parking cars, bikes scuffing the floors, pets running around, kids tracking in and out, toys bouncing around, all of those DIY projects you forgot to finish, and your ever-growing collection of miscellaneous purchases, your garage can take quite the […]

Easily Clean Spills on Epoxy Garage Floorings

A nice garage adds more value to your home than most homeowners realize. A poor looking, neglected garage can house cobwebs, mold, unsightly concrete, and more. This can be quite the turn off to a new buyer who is looking at your home. It can also be quite a turn off to you. Luckily, there […]

Epoxy Coatings are the Best Solution for Covering Concrete Floors

Many people know that epoxy coatings are the best solution for covering concrete floors. They seal, protect, and improve concrete floors better than any other product on the market. However, many consumers don’t know that there are actually three different types of epoxy floorings available today. The three different types are 100% solid epoxy, dissolvable […]

Epoxy Flooring is a Much Better Solution than Paint

A long time ago, in a land far away, there was no such thing as epoxy flooring! How in the world were concrete floors protected from the wear and tear of cars, foot traffic, chemicals, etc? Well, back then paint was the simple answer. Paint was the go-to concrete protector. Some people still use this ancient […]