Epoxy in the Medical Field

While there are not many places that won’t be good for epoxy, there are some areas that are especially great for epoxies. One of these places is a medical center. From hospitals, to pediatric doctors, to everything in between, epoxy is a great flooring solution. Epoxy is one of the top floor coverings in the […]

Building your Business’ Brand through Epoxy

So many businesses can benefit from adding epoxy to their facility. One of these firms is most definitely a retail store. If you are selling cosmetics, fashion, tools, or anything for that matter, then epoxy can benefit your business. One of the most important things to a retail store is building their brand. A strong […]

Epoxy is Great for Patios

An epoxy is a great option for a patio floor. It is an excellent choice for any outdoor space whether it be a driveway, walkway, patio, or pool deck. Epoxy resurfacing makes a great finish for all of these spaces because it leaves the area clean, shiny, and beautiful. It also makes your outdoor space […]

A Breakdown of How Epoxy is Applied

The process for applying epoxy on concrete is both a simple and complex one. While it can be a DIY project, it is recommended to hire professionals for this project because the project can be simple, but to a newbie, it can be challenging. This project comes in three stages. First, the surface must undergo […]

Hire Professional Epoxy Technicians to Prevent Breaking the Bank

Epoxy enables homeowners to complete a variety of projects, and because it is typically easy to apply, it is becoming a more and more popular DIY project. However, this has begun to backfire on business owners and homeowners alike because the hardest part of epoxy is preparing the surface you are resurfacing. Many people who […]

Epoxy can be Used in Many Different Places

Epoxy flooring in Wayne, PA is perfect for many different areas between houses, businesses, and more. Whether residential or commercial areas, all of these places can be suitable for a new, protective coat of epoxy. If you continue to ask yourself when is the best time to use epoxy, the time is right now! Not […]

Why are Top Coats for Epoxy Floors so Important?

A big discussion amongst those in the epoxy industry is whether or not to apply a top coat or not. However, the consensus from the conversation has concluded that getting a top coat for your epoxy will be the best decision for you in the long run. Applying a top coat to your epoxy doesn’t […]

All of Your Options with Epoxy

Many homeowners are looking into purchasing an epoxy coating for some flooring in their house which is a sage decision. Epoxy flooring can be a great asset to a home, especially yours. However, it’s also good to know about epoxy before you hire a professional epoxy service. This way, you are aware of how epoxy […]