The Durability of an Epoxy Flooring Application

Understanding what you want for your concrete floor is a great thing, especially when you are considering its durability. You might be thinking; it depends on the usage. Well, you are not entirely wrong but, have you ever considered epoxy for your garage? Epoxy flooring covers and paints add beauty and color to any concrete […]

How To Create A Safe, Durable, and Sanitary Commercial Kitchen Floor

For commercial restaurants, one of the most important things to successfully operations is making sure things flow properly within the food distribution of the restaurant or cafeteria. This includes making sure that the safety of all servers and workers is adhered to with proper safety protocols. Before designing a restaurant or commercial kitchen most businesses […]

The Beauty And Durability Of An Epoxy Floor Coating

Epoxy floor coatings provide a long lasting and durable protection for flooring. Many of the commercial and industrial spaces use epoxy flooring in Wilmington, DE because it is incredibly versatile and one of the highest quality floor coatings available. The hardness of epoxy is superior and there are a wide variety of different colors available. […]

Reasons Why Epoxy is A Premier Flooring Option

Epoxy flooring in Wayne, PA has become a popular flooring option for commercial and residential buildings and industries. The coating is a combination of polyamine hardener and an epoxide resin. Prior to applying the coating on the concrete, it is recommended for you to remove all greases and repair cracks and chips. You can use […]

An Epoxy Floor Coating Is Perfect For An Automotive Dealership Or Showroom

Automotive facilities such as commercial garages, showrooms and dealerships all combine functionality with aesthetics. Vendors, potential customers and repeat customers all receive a good first impression of the showroom or shop when they walk in and see a beautiful floor. A good looking floor gives the impression the atmosphere is organized and clean. This often […]

Which Garage Flooring is Best for My Purposes?

Because garage flooring is a subjective topic, this question is asked all the time. There is no single answer to this question because it is such a huge investment and making the wrong decision can be extremely costly. There are three main types of garage flooring that are focused on for dependability and durability. They […]

The Science Behind Epoxy Flooring and Its Uses

If you’re interested in purchasing epoxy flooring in Wilmington, DE, you may not be entirely sure what the coating actually is. Even if you have not researched the details of epoxy coatings before, you more than likely have seen them on floors or surfaces. Before investing in epoxy for your own use, you’ll want to […]

Epoxy Flooring Can Stop Damage Related To Your Vehicle

If you own any type of vehicle, you’re already dealing with expenses just to keep the thing running. A car or truck is necessary for many individuals to get around, but it can also have a negative impact on your garage space. Fortunately, the simple addition of epoxy garage flooring can help to keep your […]