The Cosmetic Advantage of Epoxy Garage Coating

Unfortunately, concrete is a lot like our skin in that it has pores that can soak up dirt, moisture, and other particles. Because of this, concrete is also immensely prone to staining. This means oils, pollen, dirt, paint, and other chemicals can easily stain your concrete turning it into an unsightly mix of stains and […]

A Checklist for Resurfacing Your Garage Floor

Between parking the cars, storing your equipment, and acting as a work zone, your garage undergoes a lot of wear and tear. The floor especially needs some T-L-C to keep up with your busy family and schedule. Resurfacing your garage floor with protective epoxy can be a great way to make your garage look polished […]

Can a Coated Garage Floor Help With Allergies?

Spring and Summer are infamous for hay fever, allergies, and watery eyes. These can be mild for some people but very bothersome for others. Many people would do anything they could to prevent or lighten the effects of their seasonal allergies no matter the severity. In the Summer time, pollen counts increase and humidity rises. […]

Protecting Appliances in Your Basement

If you?re like most people, there?s probably at least one appliance stored or being used in your basement. Washers, dryers, refrigerators, chest freezers…the list goes on. Having valuable appliances stored in your basement means that you need to take extra care and consideration in how the space is used and maintained. After all, you want […]

Epoxy Coating is a Valuable Home Improvement Option

When home improvement projects come up, the family budget is always the next conversation. Often times, families are lucky enough to be comfortable in their finances. However, even when this is true, a budget for home improvement is still very important. Choosing where to spend your home improvement budget can be a tough choice. Home […]