The Benefits of Having Warehouse Epoxy Flooring

Home and business owners alike are giving epoxy garage flooring rave reviews today. One of the primary reasons for this positive reception is that this type of flooring is an ideal option for residential, commercial and industrial areas. In fact, when taking an assessment of its overall benefits, here’s a few benefits that everyone should […]

Ideas for Tranforming the Garage Into a Mancave

Men all over the U.S. are trying to find some extra space in their homes to create a ‘man cave’. This space dedicated to things like sports, television and video games completes a home and gives the man of the house their own place to hang out. This space typically doesn’t get worked into the […]

3 Steps to Storing Water Sports Equipment in Your Garage

Are low cost and accessibility just a couple of the reasons that influenced your decision to store your personal watercraft in your garage? There are many advantages to keeping your boat, Jet Ski, or kayak at your home, so make your space as functional as possible with these tips: ACCURATE MEASUREMENTS Take size into consideration […]

Professional Services that Improve your Garage Floor

Garage floors are usually made of concrete. After a few years a concrete floor in a garage starts looking old and worn because of the amount of abuse a garage floor has to take. Professional garage flooring services paint or coat the garage floor to make it look new and attractive. You could choose to […]

Cleaning Tips for Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy floors are a great option for you if you want an easy to maintain floor that is tough, water, and stain resistant, and great to look at. When you have an epoxy floor you will want to maintain it’s shine and avoid damage to the surface. This type of flooring is simple to maintain […]

Epoxy Flooring of the Future

Currently, anything is possible in the world of home improvement. There are so many different trends which many people are experimenting with, from modern to conventional, and even traditional and older styles have come back into fashion. There are so many ways to entertain guests with your taste in home décor, but what about the […]

Benefits of a Moisture Barrier for a Concrete Floor in an Aircraft Hangar

Maintaining a small personal aircraft hangar is a huge responsibility and can be tedious. When considering hangar requirements, adding a moisture barrier for a concrete floor is a top priority. Hangar floors require a product that possesses strength and durability in order to stand up to its rigorous use. According to the International Civil Aviation […]

Distinct Advantages to Choosing Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring in Wilmington, DE in the garage can add a professional, streamlined look to your space and also offers numerous advantages over other flooring selections. Epoxy is an exceptionally durable material that is also waterproof, affordable, easy to clean, simple to maintain, and enhances the appearance of your floor space. Long-Term Durability One of […]

Practical Garage Floor Coating Solutions

Protecting your garage floor is very important for some people. Many homeowners want to protect the floor from oil, paint, dirt, weather, and damage. Installing a protective cover on top of the garage floor is an option to achieve this kind of protection. There are a few different ways to accomplish this defense. They include […]

Transform Your She Shed with Epoxy

“She sheds” are all the rage right now, and for good reason. Women have cozied up to the idea of having somewhere to get away from it all without having to leave home. The choice of location and structure may vary, but construction and design are monumentally important. Making the best decisions in the beginning […]