Get the Look of Metal Floors Without Breaking the Bank

Your concrete floors need protection. Choose floor coverings for concrete floors that have durability and an attractive finish from Floorguard®. We provide the metallic look you want with our high-quality epoxy coating. Floorguard® is a top-quality, durable, easy-to-clean flooring system that allows for high traffic areas to stay protected. Our floor coating company doesn’t only […]

Choosing Easy to Clean Flooring for Your Restaurant

If your business has stayed open during the coronavirus or has recently reopened, you know customers are very cautious. While everyone would like for life outside of quarantine to get back to normal, the restaurants must stay clean for people to so they can safely return to eating out at their favorite food spots. Floors […]

Sun Damage to Concrete Floors – What You Should Know

Sunlight damages concrete. This reduces the lifespan of your concrete floor and leads to costly repairs or potentially a complete replacement. Protect your concrete from the beginning by reducing sun exposure and protecting your floors with Floorguard epoxy floor coating. What You Should Know About Sun Damage to Concrete Extended contact with UV light over […]

Garage Floor Tiles vs. Epoxy Coatings

Gone are the days when a cracked concrete floor is acceptable. Your residential garage or commercial workspace deserves floors that look great and last. Not all floor coverings for concrete floors are created equal. Consider the following when deciding between garage floor tiles or epoxy coating. Cost Garage floor tiles come at a higher price […]