How to Smooth a Rough Concrete Slab

Working with a rough concrete slab is not the best idea. Epoxy flooring is beautiful but must be applied to a leveled surface in order to remain in good shape. Follow these simple steps to smooth a rough concrete slab in order to prepare it for a beautiful epoxy finish. To smooth a rough concrete […]

What Kind of Paint Can Be Used on Concrete?

When you want to paint on concrete, you want a paint that is moisture-resistant, scuff-resistant, and all-around a good product. You are most likely looking to paint a garage floor, which is typically concrete in its plain, gray, dull color. Our garage floor epoxy paint provides exceptional protection and a beautiful finish. Floorguard provides several […]

Other Uses for Epoxy Coating

When we think of epoxy flooring, we’re thinking of garage floors and commercial warehouses. There are tons of other uses for epoxy floor coatings due to their durability, slip-resistant features, and overall attractiveness. Some uses for epoxy coatings that Floorguard recommends include: Pool Deck Epoxy is the ultimate floor coating for a pool deck, as […]