3 Steps to Storing Water Sports Equipment in Your Garage

Are low cost and accessibility just a couple of the reasons that influenced your decision to store your personal watercraft in your garage? There are many advantages to keeping your boat, Jet Ski, or kayak at your home, so make your space as functional as possible with these tips:
Stacked Kayaks Stored in a Home Garage | Floorguard.com
Take size into consideration by making measurements where needed. If you have a dry boat rack or a kayak rack you can outline and measure the area where you’re planning on storing it. Measure the watercraft to make sure you have enough room and you will eliminate the potential of space problems later.

A garage that functions in this manner and sees this much action needs to be protected. Of all the garage flooring types available, epoxy floor coating systems offer the most durability. They boast a moisture barrier that keeps water damage at bay. They can stand up to chemicals often used in marine mechanics and fuels. Spills and messes are a breeze to clean up. Protecting your garage with epoxy will allow your garage to keep on protecting the things that you love.

Consider implementing organized functional storage solutions for all the gear and tools you might want to have close to the watercraft. Some of these items may include life jackets, tackle gear, fishing poles, mechanical tools, repair kits, coolers, and oars. Maximize space by stacking storage options vertically as well as horizontally. You’ll appreciate having a convenient location for all of your gear when you’re in a hurry to get to your next adventure on the water!