3 Tips for Designing the Perfect Garage

Gray Home with Flowers Out Front and a Two-Car Garage | Floorguard.com
A garage is a fantastic investment. It protects your car from theft, vandalism, and the elements while also offering additional storage space for your home. Here are some design tips to help you plan out your new garage:

Consider Adding Living Space Above the Garage
When adding an attached garage to your home, consider investing in a new living space above it. This is an economical way to add a bedroom, a new home office, or even a rental space to your home. If you need additional living space in your home, you can kill two birds with one stone when you build your garage.

Blend the Garage into Your Home’s Exterior
The easiest way to build a garage is to stick to a strictly utilitarian design, but you don’t want your garage to be an eyesore. Try to maintain your home’s design when you build your garage, utilizing the same materials and style so that your new addition blends seamlessly into your home.

Choose Epoxy for Your Garage Floor
There are plenty of flooring options for your new garage floor, but epoxy is easily the best material to use. Garage floor epoxy is durable, attractive, waterproof, and stain proof. It is also easy to clean, slip-resistant, and comes in a wide array of colors. Call Floorguard today at (888) 694-2724 to request your epoxy floor installation.