4 Trendy Garage Floor Epoxy Coatings for 2018

You’ve likely read all about flooring installation and process and cost for your new garage flooring. Now it’s time to do the fun stuff and decide on a look! Let’s look at the best colors and finishes for garage floor coating in Chicago:

Colors of Garage Floor Coating in Chicago | Floorguard.com


This beautiful gray color is anything but bland. Gray flooring has had a major surge in popularity over the last year. As a neutral color, gray is a great starting point for your color design palette. It complements almost any color scheme you can dream up. 


Is your garage loaded with hunting or fishing equipment? Use this natural looking, neutral finish to mimic the outdoors for the full rustic theme.

Go Red!
How hot will your black or white (or gray or gold or silver) wheels look on a glossy red floor? Nothing catches the eye like a crimson red floor- beautiful! Also nice for a home gym, the color red is known to increase heart rate and breathing.

Classic Black & White Checkered
50s or 60s car fan? Park the Aston Martin or the Thunderbird on a beautiful diamond pattern to showcase the era.

Keep in mind, these finishes can be for ANY use of your garage space—these are only ideas to help get your creative juices flowing.