5 Reasons Why Epoxy Flooring is Ideal for Hair Salons

Salons have very specific needs due to their unique setup to help boost the business’s efficiency and functionality. Owners require a building that can accommodate a layout for chairs, vanities, dryers, and sinks. The flooring system, however, may not be optimal. Good news: epoxy floor coating can be applied directly to the concrete and is the ultimate flooring choice for salons. Why?
Woman Getting Hair Washed in Salon | Floorguard.com

1. High tolerance to stains
With all of the dyes and types of bleach that come into contact with a typical salon floor, only epoxy can provide resistance to staining and fading.

2. Resistance to chemicals
Chemical spills won’t impact or affect the integrity of the floors. Epoxy will not begin to erode or peel from coming into contact with chemicals, unlike other inferior flooring types.

3. Easy to clean and maintain
With epoxy, there’s no need for the use of harsh chemicals and cleaning agents. These floors can be kept clean and fresh-looking with minimal effort and time.

4. Improved safety
Epoxy floors can provide a safer environment in the salon for clients, stylists, shampooers, and receptionists. They greatly reduce the risk for slips and falls, even when floors are wet or covered in hair clippings.

5. Long-lasting beauty
Salon owners don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics for utility, function, and durability. Epoxy flooring can work with any style or décor while standing up to a salon’s heavy foot traffic.

With proper care and maintenance, your epoxy flooring can last beautifully for years to come.