A Floor Covering for Your Garage

Having a vehicle garage can be a blessing to those with one. They have multiple uses which can almost seem endless at times. But whatever you use your garage for, the floor concrete floor can become a trap for anything that comes into contact with it and can be very difficult to get off, such as oil, paint, and other fluids from vehicles. Epoxy floors also resist stains with a tough, hard finish that seals the concrete surface. These types of surfaces are impervious to chemicals, oils, kerosene, gasoline and even mild acids. They are easy to clean and maintain and will last a longtime without fading.

There are plenty of epoxy flooring West Chester, PA companies that can do the work for you, but which one is the one that will do the job right the first time? Doing your research is going to be the best option to see what company offering garage floor covering West Chester, PA.

Garage floor coatings West Chester, PA does both residential and commercial applications to suit your needs. The process is quite simple. First they should fill any cracks and all surface defects are repaired. The surface is prepare for the epoxy using a mechanical grinding machine. Then a polyaspartic concrete coatings are mixed and a pigmented base coat is applied. While the epoxy is still wet, decorative vinyl chips are broadcast onto the surface. Additionally two clear concrete coatings are applied, the second coating has a slip reduction media which is applied at least one hour later.

Having an epoxy coating to your garage or work space flooring can be essential to workplace safety. Safety should always be your number one concern when it comes to areas such as garages, industrial floors, and airport hangars. These types of flooring are east to clean, beautiful and long lasting. There are even several colors for you to choose from, so your new floor will accommodate any space you want to make safer with beauty.

Some homeowners think this coating is only used for garage floors. To the contrary it is not. It can also be used in residential applications such as basement floors, pool and patios too. Commercial applications range from retail space, office space, industrial floors, airport hangars and pretty much anywhere an attractive and easy to maintain floor is needed which will allow for easy and quick cleanup of spills so you can get the space in service quicker. And depending on the size of the project and the current condition of the concrete floor and typical 3 car garage can be completed within one to two days.