A Simple Guide to Installing Garage Floor Epoxy Paint

If you are looking forward to increasing the resale value of your home, then one of the many things that can help you with that is using epoxy concrete paint on the floor of your garage. This will not only add an aesthetic value to your house, which will make your garage stand out from the rest as it will also provide it with a great level of protection.

It will also make it much easier to maintain and clean the floor. The best thing is that applying garage floor epoxy paint is not that hard and you can apply it yourself for an affordable price. Before you decide to make that decision, it is important to preview the entire installation process so you do not start something and find out that you are in way over your head.

The following steps are for a garage floor that does not have an existing paint or any other kind of coating. You should also add this knowledge with the steps that are found on the product itself for extra tips or instructions before you start to apply the coating; this is because each product can be different.

The first thing is prepping the floor. You can start by removing any clutter in the garage before vacuuming and sweeping the floor in order to clean up any dirt and dust. After you are done, you have to check if there is an existing sealant on the floor, this is because epoxy garage floor coverings do not stick well to concrete floors that have a sealant, so you will have to rip out the sealant before applying the epoxy.

After you are done, hose down the floor and then you are clear to move on to the next step, which is acid etching the surface. This will give the epoxy the ability to grip to the floor. The muriatic acid can be bought from any hardware store. You mix it with a big bucket of water (ten to one, water to acid). Make sure to wear a mask and cover the walls and any furniture because the fumes are strong. Evenly distribute it on the floor by using a push broom then rinse it off before repeating this step on more time.

After the acid etching is done, the prep work is over, which is the hard part. Now comes the time to apply the epoxy garage floor resurfacing layer. This is best done within the first forty-eight hours from the etching process. After you choose the epoxy you want to use, you will mix the 2 parts and start laying it down. The epoxy mixture will harden within four to twelve hours, so try to finish it as soon as you can so it does not harden before you apply it.

If all of this seems complicated and time consuming, you can always hire a professional concrete resurfacing company that can handle everything for you. This includes all of the needed prep work and the installation of the epoxy system itself.