A Vehicle’s Impact on the Garage

Many individuals who own a house also have a vehicle for transportation. Owning a vehicle is essential for commuting to and from work, as well as getting to other places for various needs. While storing that vehicle to keep it safe is important, the effect that it has on a garage can make the floor deteriorate over time. Because of this, garage floor resurfacing becomes a priority in maintaining this area and keeping it clean. A quick and affordable process will lead to less problems and a more inviting appearance, making garage floor resurfacing a worthy investment for home improvement.

When the vehicle is parked in the garage, it brings in the elements from outside. This includes debris from the road, dirt that is picked up on the tires and frame, as well as rainwater in times of inclement weather. Even though this is common for any household, it becomes a nuisance when the floor becomes dirty and needs to be cleaned up. A benefit of garage floor resurfacing is that the epoxy coating offers a strong layer of surface protection that repels virtually every type of outside factor that can lead to a dirty floor. In addition, the composition of the new epoxy surface makes cleaning much easier. This will lead to a much more appealing garage area and less hassle on the weekends when maintaining the house.

The vehicle’s tires can have a troublesome effect on the garage floor over time. For traction, the material on tires is designed to break down, and this residue can left on the floor of the garage when the vehicle is parked. A concrete floor accumulates these markings and it can be difficult to remove after a while. Epoxy coating used in garage floor resurfacing works as a barrier that is resistant to the markings left by tires and other items coming in contact with the surface. The coated floor will stay looking cleaner and brighter for much longer compared to concrete that is left untreated.

Oil is possibly a garage floor’s worst enemy, and many vehicles are notorious for leaving oil where it is not wanted. The porous characteristics of concrete combined with an oil leak from a vehicle means that once the stain gets into the floor, it may be impossible to remove. These stains are quite common in the garage and leave a very undesirable appearance. However, even oil stains can be repelled by the epoxy coating that a treated garage floor includes. Instead of absorbing into the floor, the oil remains on the surface and can be cleaned before causing any damage. Getting rid of this headache alone can make all the different for a homeowner who has an older vehicle or even pesky lawn equipment.

vehicle and garage floors simply do not get along. While both are important to the homeowner, their combination can prove to be a hassle as the garage is exposed to various types of damage. Resurfacing the garage floor with epoxy coating is a valuable addition to the home, because it eliminates the need for unnecessary cleaning in the immediate future or floor repair down the road. Every homeowner with a vehicle can benefit from the addition of an epoxy-sealed garage floor.