Advantages of Choosing a Garage Floor Epoxy Coating

A garage floor should be strong and durable due to the various functions it performs. Epoxy coating is one of the most durable and toughest finishes you can opt to have in your garage floor today. This floor coating protects as well as transforms your garage floor from its ugly look to a professional looking beautiful garage floor. In the recent past, the garage is now being used for other functions apart from just parking the car and therefore the flooring ought to match the other functions. The garage floor epoxy carries a number of benefits discussed below which have enabled it to become among the top choice for garage flooring at the moment.

Durability and Resilience

Besides looking great, epoxy also offers a hard and thick coating that is resilient to stains, impacts, chemicals, chipping and abrasions. The floor coating is very durable such that you will not worry over any tools falling hard on the floor surface. The thick coating offers a great cover over the floor imperfections like spider cracks and concrete flaws.


Epoxy is classified as a topical sealer thereby making it possess some anti-dusting qualities. Most of the dust in a garage emanates from the powder shed by the cement floor. Normal traffic on the garage floor usually leads to dust collecting on your cars, storage items and tool benches while some of it finds its way into your house. You will not suffer from dust once your garage floor gets an epoxy coating.

Moisture Resistance

Epoxy is a topical coating and that naturally makes it to be moisture resistant. This is a great advantage especially if you live in areas that are snowy. It usually makes it easier for you to clean the road salts and icy brines that tend to collect on floors during winter. A little water and mild soap will go a long way in helping you clean the surface well.

Application of Epoxy Floor Coating

Epoxy garage floors need a great floor preparation in order to have a successful coating. It is for this reason that this floor coating requires to be done only by professional and certified service providers who should be highly experienced in epoxy coating. There are so many low-quality epoxy floors out there and using unqualified professionals will leave you with a sub-standard epoxy coating that will not offer all the above advantages. The application process involves a number of steps that ought to be carried out well by professionals.