Almost all concrete surfaces can be covered and protected by epoxy

Typically, epoxy is thought of as a coating for garages. However, almost all concrete surfaces can be covered and protected by epoxy. You might be thinking where else in your home would epoxy go, but if you have an unfinished basement, that is the perfect place to put epoxy! Because epoxy can be customized by color, you are able to completely customize your basement.

Basements are often times a man cave, a football watching area, a movie theater, or a playroom. So, you can make your floor a fun color for kids to play on or even the colors of your favorite sports team! Epoxy is also a very hard protective coating that is made by making a mixture of resin and hardener. Since epoxy has the ability to strengthen the structure of concrete, it can actually help to increase the durability of your house’s foundation which is always a bonus!

All of the gatherings that happen in a basement will also not harm your epoxy. While, concrete can easily be harmed or stained from drinks, dropping something, etc. epoxy is much more durable. If drinks are dropped on your epoxy flooring in Philadelphia PA, a simple wipe down will clean up the mess. The floor won’t crack from dropping anything either! This is perfect if you’re the type of family to throw Super Bowl parties or any other types of parties.

Epoxy coating pros know all there is to know about epoxy coatings, no matter where the location is. They can provide a beautiful new floor without any work from you! All you have to do is pick the location and the color! It is important to hire a professional

because epoxy is a job that requires skill and experience of the task. Only professionals have this type of knowledge. Many homeowners have tried to coat their own floors in epoxy, but it almost always ends badly. If anything goes wrong, you have to hire a professional to fix the problem. Upon hiring a professional to fix your mistake, you’ll notice the price is much higher than simply hiring a professional to begin with.

So, now you know that epoxy is not limited to any one kind or place of concrete. You can hire a professional to complete an epoxy job almost anywhere that concrete lies! Call a professional today to make your basement shine with new epoxy floors that your whole family can be proud of!