An Answer to Your Rough Basement or Garage Floor-Epoxy Flooring

Remodeling your home, finishing a basement or reorganizing your garage? What you do with the current flooring will make the difference in your finished project. Epoxy flooring may be the answer to your flooring needs.

Epoxy flooring is easy to do after you finish the prepping. It is important to follow instructions and make sure your floor is ready for a new finish. Your project will take you three to four days and you should allow it to dry thoroughly before parking your car or using the new floor.

Prepping the floor for a new epoxy floor means thoroughly cleaning the surface and repairing any cracks or holes. Stripping the floor of any previous sealer. Floors can be stripped of dirt and other substances by using chemical or organic cleaners and etchers. Organic etches are safer for the environment, but are not as strong as the chemical cleaners.

There is a floor maintainer machine that can be rented at most industrial rental supply stores. You will not want to rush this part of the prep time or your epoxy finish will not stick to your floor. Clean up those oil spills on your garage floor and clean any grease or other dirt spots. If you are using it on fresh concrete, you should wait 60 days before applying the epoxy floor covering.

Determine how much you will need for your area. It is best if you give it two coats. Most kits from retail outlets come with only enough for one coat. You have a choice of several different colors and you can add color flakes that will highlight your floor and also cover any minor imperfections in the surface.

This is especially true of an unfinished basement floor that may have been pitted or cracked. The flakes add to the appeal and conceal any parts that are not perfect. An anti-skid additive can be used to make your surface skid and slip resistant. The additive is easy to use and mix into the paint for a slip free surface.

The best time to work on your epoxy floor is when you have a few days when you won’t be using the surface. The temperature should be between 50 and 80 degrees and your surface shouldn’t be damp from any rainy weather.

If your basement or garage has seepage, allow it to dry thoroughly before applying an epoxy surface. Once the kit is mixed together, you only have about two hours to work with it. That sounds like a short time but prepping the surface is the hard part. Painting is as easy as painting a wall in your home. Plan your escape, don’t paint yourself into a corner!

Drying time between each step is anywhere from 12 to 24 hours. Do not be tempted to use it before it is thoroughly dried. If you are finishing a garage floor, do not park on it for an additional 72 hours after initial drying time.

This may sound like a big job and if you do not have the time to resurface your floor properly, you may decide to have it professionally finished. It is not an impossible DIY project but for safety and convenience it may be best to hire a professional.