An Epoxy Floor Coating Is Perfect For An Automotive Dealership Or Showroom

Automotive facilities such as commercial garages, showrooms and dealerships all combine functionality with aesthetics. Vendors, potential customers and repeat customers all receive a good first impression of the showroom or shop when they walk in and see a beautiful floor. A good looking floor gives the impression the atmosphere is organized and clean. This often raises the moral of the people who work inside the facility. In addition to aesthetics, the flooring in a auto facility must be functional. The floor must be able to withstand the constant foot traffic, wear and tear caused by the vehicles and the tools and machinery on the floor during working hours.

Epoxy garage coatings have a high functionality and a beautiful appearance. This makes them perfect for automotive facilities. The client can have the floor customized to be even more functional or incorporate quartz aggregate or color chips. A plain concrete floor is transformed into an excellent compliment to the sparkling and shiny new vehicles. Epoxy flooring systems also provide incredible protection from fuel, oil, acid and vehicle traffic experienced daily at an automotive facility. There are numerous options perfectly suited to showroom floors and automotive shops. The best possible installation is two or three coats of a specialized system for epoxy floor coatings.

The clear epoxy coating works extremely well as a primer, sealer and body coat. The resin has been specifically designed to incorporate decorative broadcast flake and decorated colored quartz. This system additionally works well as a sealer or primer for concrete or a binder for a mortar floor. The product is non-water spotting, non-blushing, will bond to damp and cold surfaces and heavy industrial traffic is supported. The coating cures into an extremely hard solid but it is not brittle. Enough resilience is retained to withstand vibrations and impacts. The coating also resists mildew, funguses and is anti-microbial. The epoxy floor coating has a low VOC, is 100 percent solid, heavy duty and designed for commercial and industrial applications.

The polyurethane top coat has been designed to achieve excellent resistance to both abrasions and moisture. The film is slick, hard and very easy to keep clean. The flatness is outstanding, the UV resistance exceptional and the weathering characteristics are incredible. There is no comparison between a traditional urethane coating system and the polyurethane top coat. Epoxy is so durable that the extended service life is exceptional. A typical application is generally used over metal or concrete surfaces after they have been prepared properly. The epoxy system provides both UV resistance and enhanced weathering features.

There are a lot more places besides the public areas or showroom of an automotive dealership where an epoxy coating system can be successfully used. This system can be installed in the automotive parts department, paint and spray booths, repair areas, the body shop and the wash bays. The epoxy flooring system is functional, durable and beautiful. This system will enhance all the different areas located throughout the entire facility.