Applying Garage Floor Epoxy to Concrete Floors

Many people wonder if garage floor epoxy can be applied to concrete floors. The answer is yes, in fact, epoxy was specifically made for concrete floors, whether garage floors, industrial plants or showrooms. However, the epoxy paint or coating is not simply applied on the concrete as there are some concrete floors that need to be treated before the application, there are also some cases where the epoxy coating will not work.

For example, you cannot apply epoxy garage floor coverings over a concrete floor that has been sealed. A “sealed” floor means that there is a sealer used as a finishing material on top of the concrete floor. This sealer is applied in order to keep the moisture and the wetness out which protects the concrete. Normally, the sealers are applied to the walls in order to keep the effect of the rain water out, but some builders choose to extend such application to cover the floors. Therefore, if your floor is sealed, epoxy coating or any other kind of paint cannot be applied to it because it will never stick and it will never be as effective as intended.

If you want to know whether the floor is sealed or no, you can do this easy test. Get a cup of water and spill it on the floor. If the cement absorbs the water, then the concrete floor is not sealed and it is safe to apply the epoxy coating. On the other hand, if the water is not absorbed and it stays on top of the floor, then the floor is treated with a sealer and you cannot use an epoxy or any kind of paint for that matter. You will have two choices available, you can either go with any of the other kinds of garage floor coverings or you can remove the sealer so you can apply the epoxy coating.

If the floor is not sealed, then you will start by applying the paint. It is important not to brush the paint directly on the floor, as you will have to make sure that it is cleaned before you can apply anything. This is because if any grime, dirt or debris is stuck between the floor and the epoxy, it will compromise the durability of the epoxy. If you washed the floor, then you will have to leave it for some time to dry before you can apply the epoxy. In the summer time, it will take from four to six hours to dry but in the cold months, it can take longer than that. This is why you might need to plan this through and start early in the day if you want to finish all of this in a single day.

If you think that this is too much and that there are many things to look for or if you simply do not have the time to do all of that, you can easily get in touch with a garage floor resurfacing firm. They know all of that and they will be able to get the job done for you in the least amount of time possible.