Are You Allergic to Dirt and Dust? New Garage Flooring Can Help

There are many people that may not realize that garage floors can be a primary source of allergens such as mold spores and dust. These allergens can affect a person’s respiratory system and lead to coughing, sneezing, trouble breathing, watery eyes, and stopped, or running, noses. The easiest way for a homeowner to rid their garage of this nuisance is to have epoxy flooring installed. Epoxy is one of the premier types of garage floor coverings on the market today. It is very durable, easy to apply, and cost effective. It is far less expensive than to have a new concrete floor put in, and it is far more durable than trying to put laminate flooring in a garage in order to cut down on the allergens. A floor that is covered by epoxy is a floor that will last a long time and the homeowner will have the ability to reap the benefits from their wise decision for a long time.

Many of Colors to Choose from

Epoxy can be mixed with virtually any pigment that a customer can imagine. This means that they are not limited with the color of their new flooring. They can also choose the type of texture that they may want the floor to have. These two factors are important ones for some people to consider when they are thinking about ways to upgrade their existing flooring in their garage so that they can breathe more easily.

Resists Staining

Unlike porous flooring, epoxy flooring is very stain resistant and non-porous. Liquid spills on this type of floor can be cleaned up reasonably easily and will not soak into the flooring. Homeowners that have an old concrete floor know how porous they can be and how oil stains never seem to want to come out. This isn’t the case with floors that are covered by epoxy. A non-porous floor leaves very little space for any allergens to hide. This means that the garage space will be easier to breathe in because any allergens that are present on the new flooring can be easily swept or mopped away since it will not be able to embed itself into the flooring.

Easy to Clean

Cleaning a floor that has been covered with epoxy is as easy as breaking out a mop or a broom and running it across the floor. There are no special chemicals that need to be used in order to clean a floor that has been infused with epoxy. Topical allergens can be cleaned off of the floor with common household disinfectants. This makes clean up a breeze, and economical, since a homeowner can use the cleaning chemicals that they may already possess to clean up their garage floor.


Garage floors that are infused with epoxy are far less likely to hold allergens that can wreak havoc on some people’s respiratory systems. It is easy to clean, has a wide option of colors available, durable, and is a smart choice for someone looking to upgrade their existing flooring.