Are You Overlooking Your Garage Floor?

Did you know that one of the most durable and toughest finishes you can apply to the floor of your garage is an epoxy coating? Not only can it help to protect your garage floor, once it has been applied, it will instantly transform a boring flooring solution into a more professional looking floor of function and beauty. Let’s take a more detailed look at what epoxy coating is, and the advantages it has to offer.

What Is Epoxy Coating?

A common misconception about epoxy is that it’s a type of paint. This is far from the truth. The type of paint that is used in a typical garage flooring Philadelphia PA is regarded as being a latex acrylic product. While it may be true that some of these products have a small percentage of epoxy, those are regarded as being epoxy containing paints. Epoxy itself is a thermosetting resin that can be applied as a coating. Epoxy is formulated when you combine, 1 part polyamine hardener and 1 part epoxide resin. The hardener itself, operates as a catalyst which provides epoxy with its strength. However, whenever the two compounds are mixed it causes a chemical reaction which initiates an exothermic curing process. This curing process leads to the production of polymer structures which are cross-linked closely. This is what gives epoxy it’s durability and strength.


Besides the fact that it provides one of the most beautiful finishes you can provide for your garage floor, the coating is extremely durable and resilient to chipping, chemicals, impacts, stains and surface abrasions. What this equates to is that unlike other types of coating, you need not worry if you drop a wrench or if your bicycle falls over in your garage.

Covers Minor Imperfections
The thicker coating that epoxy consist of, does an excellent job at covering minor imperfections like flaws in the concrete and spider cracks as well. It’s also worth noting that it has anti-dusting properties so it will give you the ability to clean your garage floor much easier than you would be able to with cement flooring that has no coating.

Moisture Resistant
It has moisture resistant properties as well. This feature can prove to be especially beneficial to people who live in very humid or snowy areas. In fact, it makes for easy cleaning of road salts and icy brines that vehicle owners normally introduce into their garages during the winter season. All an individual would need to do to clean dust and debris is to use some water and a little mild soap.

Ideal For Mechanics And People Who Spend An Abundance Of Their Times In Their Garage
If you spend an abundance of your time in your garage, or if you’re a mechanic there’s no reason why you shouldn’t consider the possibility of using epoxy as a garage floor coverings Philadelphia PA. It is both stain and chemical resistant so it eliminates the need to worry about gasoline, anti-freeze, brake fluid or oil spills. And, its durability means that jacks, jack stands and rolling tool boxes will not damage your garage floor either. And, It’s reflective feature can also help to brighten up the atmosphere of your garage.