Benefits of Epoxy Flooring in the Winter, Part I

Vehicle tire covered in snow Improve your home or business with epoxy flooring to coat your concrete surfaces. Whether upgrading your garage floor or elevating a showroom, the epoxy contractors from Floorguard are at your service. We deliver craftsmanship and attention to detail that is second to none. Discover why the presence of epoxy floors makes a big difference in the winter months to protect your concrete surfaces.

Rock salt is distributed onto roads and driveways in order to melt snow and ice. This salt gets brought into garages on vehicle tires, introducing it to your concrete floors. Keep in mind, concrete floors naturally expand and contract as the temperature fluctuates. Salt that mixes with rain and melted snow will seep into the cracks of a concrete floor and then refreeze, causing existing cracks to become more prominent. Over time, salt damages concrete by causing corrosion to occur beneath the surface. The result is discolored and cracked concrete.

With epoxy flooring, your concrete surfaces are protected. The moisture barrier prevents melted snow mixed with salt to penetrate the surface. Additionally, easy maintenance makes them a breeze to keep clean. Choose professional installation from Floorguard® to upgrade your concrete floors. We arrive in uniform ready to get to work. Contact us to request a quote!