Benefits of using Epoxy Flooring for Garage Floors

When it comes to the wear and tear on garage floors these days many different products have surfaced. From paint to simply placing floor mats there has been one product that leads in durable finishes, epoxy flooring. Longer lasting than such things as paint, epoxy can bring life back to the drab looking floor. But why epoxy? Epoxy flooring for a garage floor covering has many benefits to it.

Firstly, epoxy is actually a thermosetting resin. This is applied as a coating on the floor. Once cured epoxy’s hardener is an acting catalyst which proves epoxy with its strength. Along with this epoxy is not paint which means it does not need to ‘dry’. Epoxy actually cures when a two-part mix of chemicals are combined. This combination starts a reaction that creates an exothermic ‘curing’ process.

With this information, though, one may still wonder why to use epoxy. The durability of epoxy, especially for garage floor coverings, is resilient to impacts of things dropping, chips, chemicals, stains, and finally surface abrasion. There are no worries of dropping a hammer on the floor and damaging it. With the thickness of the covering minor imperfections of the garage flooring are also covered.
One of the benefits many see with epoxy for their garage floor cover is the lack of dust. Dust in garages is normally created by the ‘powder’ from a cement floor. This also happens with traffic across a concrete floor. Due to the fact that epoxy is a topical sealer, this type of flooring holds the ability of being anti-dusting. Without the dust factor weighing in things contained within a garage are left dust free from the floor. This helps with not tracking within the house as well. Along with being anti-dust epoxy is also moisture resistant. A big plus for those who not only live in snowy climates but also humid ones. Making for an easy clean up should moisture be tracked in from outside. Just a small amount of mild soap and water is all that it takes.

When it comes to epoxy, though, a simple ‘do it yourself’ is highly not recommended. When using chemicals that cause reactions many things can go wrong for those that are not professionals or certified to handle it. One of the biggest risks that a person can face is installing the epoxy incorrectly. This can lead to many problems such as: peeling, waste of time, and big waste of money. Simply put industrial grade epoxy is not sold in stores. The fact of the matter is the home kits for epoxy sold on the market are not up to par. Of course there are contractor grades of do it yourself flooring. The problem with these is the customer are only given a couple extra years of use. One of the big problems is the missing clear coat to protect the epoxy. Simply put clear coat is not included with these home kits. If considering epoxy for garage floor covering it is better to spend the extra money and hire a professional that is certified.