Not Your Father’s Garage Anymore

As our time on earth increases, our personal standards change. Usually for the better, and it’s no different regarding our personal spaces. The large sized home or car of today is not the same as the one thirty years ago, similarly regarding the demands of our garages. In today’s homes, you may find it to […]

5 Facts About Garage Floor Epoxy

When you talk about garage floors what typically comes to mind is rough, dry and stained surfaces. This is because garage floors are neglected by homeowners. What they don’t realize is that by maintaining their garage floors with epoxy coatings, they can relieve themselves in many ways, especially, in respect to maneuvering large and heavy […]

What Kind of Floor is More Suitable for Construction?

Most of the structures today are using cement as the primary material to construct its flooring. Engineers and architects are saying that cement flooring is a better option because of its durability and its ability to withstand tremendous amounts of weight. They are also saying that cement flooring lasts longer than any material and it […]

3 Tips for Maintaining Your Refinished Garage Flooring

You work there, you play there, and you store your toys there (with or without wheels!). Your garage is a safe haven in your home and it deserves a little extra T-L-C to keep it looking and feeling its best. Refinishing your garage floor can be a great investment into both the appearance of this […]

Epoxy Floor Coatings Have 10 Sensational Benefits

Choosing epoxy flooring in Wayne, PA has numerous benefits that far outweigh the investment. Concrete floors are a simple necessity and packed dirt will never work. An epoxy floor coating is an excellent investment and a solid value. The ten best benefits are outlined below. An epoxy floor coating cleans easily. Dust and dirt can […]

Looking for Garage Flooring Help in Chicago?

Chicago weather is well-known for its intensity. Wind, snow, rain. We get it all. When it comes to protecting your home from those same harsh elements, you may have thought about windows, doors, and siding to keep your family and belongings protected – but have you considered what you can do to protect your garage […]

Epoxy Flooring For New Construction Projects

Many individuals have not yet realized epoxy flooring in Wilmington, DE is an excellent option for new construction. This enables a new building to be constructed, expanded or upgraded without the additional headaches and extra work. This is extremely important for the growing business. There are tips that will help eliminate some of the few […]

Choosing the Best Garage Floor Epoxy Installers for Your Project

Congratulations on deciding to install an epoxy floor coating! Now for the next decision: who will install your flooring? Here are several tips for choosing the best garage floor epoxy installers: Licensing and Certifications: Does the company you’re considering have the proper licensing to operate? Have they taken steps to ensure all of their employees […]

Using Epoxy Flooring to Improve Many Areas

Whether it is your home or business that you want to give a new look, there are various reasons as to why you should consider adding epoxy flooring. Although there are different other floor coating options that you can choose from, you should understand that each one of them comes with its own pros and […]

Get That Garage Floor the Treatment It Deserves

Some garages are so unclean with damaged floors even the bugs won’t live there anymore. And many garage floors in America have been nothing but an afterthought in terms of home improvement. Okay, maybe you think the cost is too much or you just don’t have free time to figure out anything about the best […]