Breaking down the Concrete

Believe it or not, there are actually many different kinds of concrete. It also matters which type of concrete you use depending on the project at hand. Different concretes have different strengths, which is one of the most important things to look at when choosing a concrete. There are also many different types of mixes and even colors!

It is very important to have your concrete contractor visit the location you are looking to cover in order to determine which type of concrete to use as there are many different factors that go into choosing a specific concrete. However, there is a special mix that is best for indoor projects and luckily, we know how to make it. Here’s how it works.

The concrete is first mechanically mixed. The top layers of concrete substrates are taken out in order to provide a more secure bond between the base coat of the concrete and its substrate. This process removes all contaminates, which can prevent the bond from being a strong one. After the concrete and base coat are poured, a media coat is then released.

This next layer is laid very thickly on top of the base coat. This helps to ensure that there is a heavy level of protection for your concrete. It also makes sure that your concrete is incredibly durable so whatever you decide to drop or drive on your concrete doesn’t ruin it or crack it.

Lastly, there is an epoxy floor coating that can be applied which is resistant to damage from chemicals. This is fantastic news for businesses such as automobile shops or if you’re the type to conduct science experiments in your garage. The CR top coat also ensures that you will have a not only beautiful but durable, finish to your concrete to last through all the fun and work your concrete will endure.