Can Epoxy Flooring Be Applied In Cold Weather?

The winter months are a popular time to start home improvements. Around the holidays, companies typically offer specials for their products and services. Installing or applying a new product, such as epoxy flooring, may be affected by the cold weather. If you’re planning on upgrading to epoxy flooring in Wayne, PA you’re undoubtedly dealing with some cold temperatures right now. As it turns out, winter is just as good a time as any to apply this new coating to a garage floor. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind if you want to enhance your garage floor with epoxy in colder temperatures.

Epoxy coating comes with specific instructions that you must read. The instructions are accompanied by technical information regarding the product, including the appropriate temperature for application. In addition, epoxy coating will specify a certain level of humidity that is acceptable for starting your project because it affects the adhesion of the product. If you feel like you may not understand some of the data or instructions, you should contact the manufacturer for additional information. Various types of epoxy treatment react differently when they are applied, so be prepared to do some reading before your floor is coated.

You walk outside, and the weather feels mild. This air temperature may lead you to believe that your garage is in an ideal state to be coated. However, the temperature in the air is secondary to the actual temperature of your floor. Concrete is the main compound used for garage flooring, and it is almost always colder than the air temperature. If your epoxy coating is applied to a slab of concrete that is cold, the product will instantly become as cold as the floor. The areas around walls or windows should be checked as well. Airflow will make these certain spots colder than the rest of the floor.

If you are eager to have an epoxy flooring project started, one option is to heat your garage floor before the work begins. This is a reasonable choice for colder weather, but you will still have to be patient. While space heaters can warm up a room in just a short time, it can take days before a concrete floor is heated to an acceptable temperature. When you do decide to use heaters on your garage floor, stick with electricity. Certain heating units that run on gas may release unwanted byproducts and contaminate the garage floor.

Creating a new and improved garage floor with epoxy coating is possible during winter. You can start enjoying the benefits of this versatile coating, but you will have to be patient. The process of applying epoxy during any month takes some time, and it is only amplified when the weather is colder. If you are willing to wait, an entire epoxy flooring project can be completed in low temperatures. It is necessary to understand the product and exactly what it needs to bond correctly, and your knowledge will lead to much better results.