How to Seal Old Concrete

Epoxy coatings are an excellent way to seal old concrete.  Homeowners can count on the experts at Floorguard® to turn their concrete slab from drab to fab with high-quality epoxy concrete sealant and professional installation services. Coating or “sealing” concrete surfaces allows for increased longevity and protection. When it comes to sealing concrete, our process […]

How to Prep Your Floors for Epoxy

Surface preparation is the most important step when applying a proper epoxy floor coating. If epoxy flooring is installed without the existing floor being prepared for a new coat, you will risk cracking or breaking the new epoxy coating. Floorguard® experts use a high-quality shot blasting machine to provide proper preparation to your existing floors […]

Can You Change the Color of Epoxy?

Yes, you can absolutely change the color of epoxy. You can select from a wide range of custom colors to create a floor that’s just right for your home. When you work with Floorguard®, you’ll have the option to pick from a variety of flooring systems and attractive colors designed to complement fine homes of […]

New Flooring Design Projects for 2022 

What better time than the new year to refresh your home with new floors? With Floorguard’s floor epoxy system, you can get floors that are beautiful, durable, and safe, getting your home ready for hosting dinner parties, play dates, and everything in between! The Disadvantages of Having Carpet and Hardwood in Your Home Traditionally, two […]

Is Epoxy Resin Injection an Effective Foundation Crack Repair Method?

When a property owner notices a crack in their concrete, it can be an unsettling sight to see. Immediate concerns may be about the cost of replacing the concrete, or safety for visitors to their property. But the solution for your foundation crack repair may be less overwhelming than you think! Structural epoxy can be […]

3 Considerations When Choosing Your Floor Sealer

Are you renovating your garage and considering adding some protection to the floors? Here are three things to consider when choosing a floor sealer for your garage floor resurfacing project: 1: Do you park your car in the garage? The weight of your vehicle and the heat and traction from its tires will cause repeated […]

How Long do Epoxy Floor Coatings Last?

Epoxy flooring is known for being durable, beautiful, safe, and easy to maintain. Because of these traits, it is considered a great investment in both homes and businesses. But another quality of epoxy floor coatings that makes them an excellent choice for your floors is how long they last. With the proper installation and care, […]

An Epoxy Floor is the Best Option for Kitchen Flooring

The kitchen is considered the heart of the home. It isn’t just the room where meals are prepared, but it is also a place for family and friends to congregate, a place to enjoy meals, a room in which to create craft projects, and much more! Because the kitchen sees so much activity, it is […]

Epoxy Floor Coatings – Increase the Value of Your Home

When homeowners think of ways to update their homes in order to improve their value, the garage typically isn’t the first room that they think of. But this is definitely a room that should be part of your home improvement plans! The garage is an integral part of the home, it acts as a storage […]

The Differences Between Epoxy & Resin

You may have heard about epoxy flooring, but how does it differ from resin? Both epoxy and resin are adhesives; however, their use varies. Resin is usually sold in liquid or powder form and is mixed with water to form an adhesive; On the other hand, epoxy is both the name of an ingredient and the […]