Are You Properly Caring for Your Garage Floor?

Garage floors are highly susceptible to pitting and other forms of damages that interfere with their smooth finish. You have to be extra vigilant when taking care of your floor in order to know when you need to carry out a resurfacing project of the damaged garage floor covering Wilmington DE. It is wise to hire […]

Have a garage floor for which you can be proud

In most homes, floors are neglected and given the least attention compared to other parts of the house. Considering alternative flooring for your garage has several benefits guaranteeing long lasting and beautiful floors. Garage floors face harsher conditions more than other parts the house due to grime and grease stains, oil spills, tire screeches and […]

How a new garage floor can change your home

There are many homeowners who may want to add a new look to their garage floor. Perhaps, they are looking to set up a “man cave” in their garage and they want something that is both stylish and durable. It could be that they want a covering that offers them a nonslip feature. Maybe they […]

Epoxy Coating and Garage Floor Stain Defense

If you want to keep your garage floor in good condition (and devoid of unsightly stains), there’s no reason to feel hopeless. Garage floor coatings can do wonders for people who want their floors to look and feel nice and strong. If you’re worried about the state of your garage floor, you can relax right […]

Modernizing Your Garage with Epoxy Flooring

Floors are the parts of the house that are mostly neglected, yet they play an important role in safeguarding our safety and productivity. Garage floors are the most affected. If you are considering doing a garage floor resurfacing job, it would be wise to consider another flooring option. One of the best options to go for is […]

Garage Epoxy Floor Coatings and their General Maintenance

Maintenance on an epoxy garage is incredibly simple and one of the best benefits of this durable coating. Clean up requires a dust mop for a light dusting. Dust and dirt don?t adhere to the epoxy so it requires hardly any effort. Spills are almost just as easy to clean and will require only a […]

Are You Properly Caring for Your Garage Floor?

Think of all of the things that you do around your home to keep it not only clean and presentable, but also just the general maintenance and upkeep in ensuring your home will be around for a long time and retain a high market value. There?s staining the deck and trimming the bushes, to fresh […]

Are You Allergic to Dirt and Dust? Epoxy Garage Flooring Can Help

Are you constantly sneezing every time you get out of your car in the garage? Is your garage just simply a place where you throw everything that doesn?t have a place otherwise? There are simple epoxy flooring options that can dramatically change the way that you look at your garage. Epoxy flooring is a type […]

Work on Summer Projects in an Updated Garage This Year

Are you tired of not having a space to work in your garage? Is your garage a dusty wasteland of stuff piled in corners that seems too overbearing project to tackle yourself? With a little help from the pro?s, you can turn this underused area of your home into the workspace of your dreams to […]

Is Your Garage Floor in Need of Repair?

Your garage is an integral part of your home where you store your cars, motorcycles, bicycles, tools, toys, sports equipment and many other things. Not all garages are build to last, however, and even the most structurally sound garages can be in need of repair at one point or another. What do you do when […]