The Most Important Facts about Epoxy Flooring that you need to know

Epoxy is one of the most favored flooring types in the building industry. This includes residential houses, industrial plants, hangars and car show rooms to mention a few. So if you are thinking of implementing it, you better get to know these facts about it as it will help you understand it more. 1- Epoxy […]

Epoxy Flooring – The Perfect Solution for Many Spaces

Choosing the flooring is one of the most important decisions that has to be made, whether for industrial plants, commercial businesses or residential homes. Different types of flooring have their own benefits as well as their drawbacks, there isn’t a perfect type of flooring but there are flooring types that come with minimal drawbacks. One […]

Understanding how Epoxy Floors Works

Epoxy can be used to cover the flooring of a variety of spaces, beyond garage floors. This is why this kind of flooring is used as an in-house floor, in the floors of industrial plants as well as factories and lastly, it can be used to cover the floors of boats. The reason behind the […]

How can Epoxy Floors Help you Fight the Hot Tire Marks

The garages are always the least used space in the house, but on the other hand, it is the place that receives the most abuse. This is a result of the heavy tools that are usually stored in the garage and they are usually dragged across the floors. On top of that, it is where […]

Epoxy Garage Floor Coverings

Epoxy garage floor coatings are one of the most recommended and popular garage floorings used in this recent times. This particle floor is mostly used protect the driveway of the garage. These floors are not only stable during extreme weather conditions, but they are also stain and wear resistant. Not only this, but most epoxy […]

The Steps to a Garage Floor Epoxy

Applying an epoxy to your garage floor has many important steps. Naturally the first step will be to clean the floor of all debris leaving nothing but a clean as possible garage floor. The next thing will be to etch or rough the surface of the garage floor with an acid normally used is muriatic […]

Broken window theory and how it can help you have a more beautiful home

Many people may have a hard time understanding a connection between a theory about crime prevention and how they maintain their residences, but if we dig a little deeper, its easy to see that such a connection exists. Broken window theory was proposed in 1982 by two social scientists. It stated that a building that […]

Why it’s important to treat your floor

Everyone knows cement is a great building material. It’s resistant, resilient and cheap. When we fly over a city, we look down to see a sea of cement, it’s grey texture spread out over the landscape. We see cement trucks and cement mixers far more often than trucks carrying lumber or Timber, and much more […]

The science behind epoxy

Epoxy technically refers to a kind resin, but the name has come to be associated with a function – those substances that harden in the presence of another substance. The reaction of two chemicals forms a new chemical, known as a polymer, that has a higher temperature and hardness than either the chemicals that formed […]

The Man Cave

The concept of the ‘man cave’ has seen a popular resurgence in recent culture, featured in many movies and TV shows, but what is a man cave, and how can you make one for yourself? First of all, its not literally a cave, but rather a room in the house, be it the garage, basement, […]