Why Use a Garage Floor Epoxy as Opposed to Other Methods?

There are areas of a home that truly take the brunt of the wear and tear that comes with living in a house. The top area that begins to show such signs of aging and usage is most definitely the garage. This is especially true for those who park their cars in the garage, use […]

Planning your Garage Floor Resurfacing Project

Hiring someone who does garage floor resurfacing is an easy thing to do. But you also need to know what to look for in the person, as well as what to ask. The person who does your garage floor resurfacing should be someone who is easy to talk to. You should be able to sit […]

Professional Concrete Resurfacing Companies

Concrete is kind of like your spouse after 25 years of marriage: a little worn around the edges, but still durable. When that’s what we see looking back at us in the mirror it’s time to get a face-lift. Likewise concrete resurfacing is a way of making your tired old concrete look like new again. […]

Cleaning and Repairing Garage Floor Coverings

You may want to do something with your garage floor to make it look better. Maybe it is old, cracked, worn looking, or just in need of some sprucing up. Maybe you don‘t know what you should or can do to help your garage floor look better and new again. But you can help your […]

Applying Garage Floor Epoxy to Concrete Floors

Many people wonder if garage floor epoxy can be applied to concrete floors. The answer is yes, in fact, epoxy was specifically made for concrete floors, whether garage floors, industrial plants or showrooms. However, the epoxy paint or coating is not simply applied on the concrete as there are some concrete floors that need to […]

Epoxy Concrete Resurfacing – From Showrooms and Factories to Your Garage

You can improve the looks of the garage floor or work space, recover it and repair it by using garage floor epoxy. This concrete resurfacing material is made of an advanced form of epoxy, polyepoxide or polymer and it is used for a variety of things such as paint, coatings and adhesives. Epoxy has always […]

Understanding the Different Types of Garage Floor Coverings

The concrete floors of the garage are always exposed to oil stains, grease, other spills as well as tire marks and foot traffic. This is why whether you bought a new house that has a garage and you want it to last for a long time and to look beautiful, or if you have decided […]

Your Garage’s Floors Look Old – Garage Floor Coverings is the Solution

As a homeowner for a house that has its own garage, you would know the importance of that space. For starters, it is where you will park your car and it is also a great storage place for the gardening tools and sport equipment. Despite its importance, it is often the most neglected part of […]

What is an Epoxy Concrete Sealer?

There is no doubt that concrete is one of the hardest building materials in the world, but it is also a porous material. If the pores of the concrete are filled with water, they can result in the cracking of the surface of the concrete. This is why it is essential to make sure that […]

A Simple Guide to Installing Garage Floor Epoxy Paint

If you are looking forward to increasing the resale value of your home, then one of the many things that can help you with that is using epoxy concrete paint on the floor of your garage. This will not only add an aesthetic value to your house, which will make your garage stand out from […]