Choose Your Color for an Epoxy Garage Floor

Having an epoxy garage floor can make any car come to life. Putting the finishing touches to a garage floor can make the entire home look professional and clean-cut. Epoxy is nothing more than an extra finish to a floor. It also acts as a coating that resists water and stains.

Homeowners should also notice how much easier it is after application to clean a garage floor. It is very simple to apply an epoxy coating on a garage floor with the right preparation. Here are the simple steps for applying a epoxy garage floor:

Choose the desired color. Make sure the garage floor is even and smooth. Sweep and mop away debris and dirt. Make sure there are no existing rocks on the floor. If there are major potholes or cracks, make sure to fill them with the right material. If the floor already has a sealer, it will need to be chemically stripped with a special machine. The next step is to purchase an epoxy kit; most of these kits come with two coats and then a finish coat.

To prep the garage floor, use a painter’s tap and line up the edge of the walls inside the garage. If the floor is painted, scuff the paint using a sanding pad. Make sure to sweep any left over dust from sanding the floor. After doing this, get an cleansing product, and with a brush, scrub the floor. Follow up with a good rinse and let the floor dry for at least four hours.

If the floor is new, take some etching solution and clean the floor. It is always best to hire a professional to do this because a certain level of safety is needed when handling this type of chemical. When etching the floor, wear protection; goggles, gloves, rubber boots, etc. Use a water hose to moisten the floor. Pour the mixture in the back corner of the garage. Use a broom with bristles to scrub the floor. Make sure to do go over the floor twice with the broom.

Make sure the temperature is between 50 and 80 degrees before attempting to apply an epoxy coating on the garage floor. If the temperature is any colder or hotter, there is a chance the coating will peel or form small bubbles. After mixing and preparing the coating, set a timer for two hours (this is the maximum time allowed to work with the mix). Start in the back of the garage and work towards the front. It can take up to a full day for the first coating to dry 100%.

Mix the epoxy paint and slowly empty the contents of the hardener into the paint can. In a slow clockwise motion, stir the mixture and let it sit in the sun for at least half an hour. Dump the contents into a roller tray. Use a painting brush to edge the borders of the garage. Use a roller brush with a long handle put the mixture on the floor. Put at least three coats on the floor. The entire floor should dry in at least one full day.