Choosing Between Chicago Garage Flooring System or Epoxy Floor Coating

No doubt, you consider your garage an important part of your house, which is one reason why you are currently contemplating on how to make it look as spic and span as the other parts of your home. If your garage floor looks unattractive because of the hot tire marks and the greasy stains caused by motor oil and other forms of lubricants, covering the floor surface with epoxy floor coating is a likely solution. Still, some Chicago flooring companies give suggestions about giving your garage a complete overhaul, by installing an epoxy flooring system instead of simply applying epoxy floor coating.

Advantages vs. Practicality

There are several advantages in having an epoxy flooring system for your garage, but you also have to consider the practicality having an expensive type of garage flooring. Aside from the hot tire marks and the greasy stains, what other considerations do you have to take into account? A home garage flooring is definitely not as distressed as those found in industrial sites, in plane hangars, or in automobile bays. An epoxy flooring system can last up to twenty years, which is a cost-efficient option only if it will be saving you future expenses for flooring repairs and high-maintenance costs.

Aside from driving in or backing out, are there other activities that take place in your garage, to consider? How many and how often household members contribute to the foot traffic that goes in and out of the garage? You can also consider if your kids are in that stage of wanting to have their own car or not. Think of your other plans; perhaps, the idea of selling a rarely used car has crossed your mind. You may also have plans of converting the garage into a home office or as a site for a home-based business.

Your primary consideration for installing an epoxy flooring system is for long-term purposes, as this makes use of the high-grade 100% solids type of epoxy.  As such, the flooring can withstand any increase in the amount and frequency of activities that transpire in your garage. If you have plans of converting the area into a livable space, the garage flooring will likewise need renovation in order to make it blend with the other living spaces.

On the other hand, applying an epoxy floor coating is a great way to give your garage flooring the adequate protection it needs from hot tire marks and greasy stains. In Chicago, garage flooring, which stays unused and empty during the day and most of the year, is usually less distressed. It only needs a good application of water-based epoxy floor coating to make the garage look bright and clean at an affordable cost. You can easily remove floor stains, including hot tire marks and occasional spills of harmful chemicals just by washing it off with soap and water. In Chicago’s extreme weather conditions, your garage flooring can stay protected for as long as the application of the epoxy floor coating, paid heed to proper procedures. This includes the preparation of the concrete surface and the detection of vapor migration.