Choosing Easy to Clean Flooring for Your Restaurant

A picture of an empty room with epoxy flooringIf your business has stayed open during the coronavirus or has recently reopened, you know customers are very cautious. While everyone would like for life outside of quarantine to get back to normal, the restaurants must stay clean for people to so they can safely return to eating out at their favorite food spots. Floors are amongst the most uncleanly parts of the restaurant. But time is also an aspect to consider while getting business up and running efficiently. This is where epoxy flooring comes in. You may wonder, what is epoxy flooring? Well, epoxy is a coating made up of two parts – a resin part and a hardener part. Epoxy flooring from Floorguard looks beautiful and typically has a glossy finish. It is built to last, adds value, and shields concrete from UV rays, spills, and heavy traffic.

Floorguard® products also offer a rich, attractive finish that can easily shrug off spills and stains. Plus, this epoxy floor coating resists fading from UV exposure, making it look like new for many years to come. Choose from a variety of colors and types to find the one that’s right for you. Visit your local Floorguard® to find the best option for your restaurant!