Cleaning Tips for Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy floors are a great option for you if you want an easy to maintain floor that is tough, water, and stain resistant, and great to look at. When you have an epoxy floor you will want to maintain it’s shine and avoid damage to the surface. This type of flooring is simple to maintain if you use the right cleaners and equipment on it.

Always keep your floor swept with a soft bristle type broom or dust mop. You may choose a household broom or a larger push broom depending on the size of the room that you are cleaning. This should be done daily, or a few times a week depending on the amount of traffic and activities in your room. Keeping dust and dirt off of your epoxy garage coatings will reduce wear and tear and or dulling of your floor. You should always sweep before applying water for mopping.

Small spills and drips can be easily wiped up with a soft damp cloth. For larger spills or to clean the entire floor use a foam mop or large string mop. Chemical spills should be cleaned up immediately so no damage is done to the floor. Mops with abrasive heads are not recommended because using them over time can dull and wear down the epoxy surface. Be sure to continuously rinse your mop in order to avoid leaving residue on the floor. A dirty mop will leave residue behind and dull the surface of your floor.

The cleaners you should use include 1 part ammonia and 5 parts hot water, or occasionally a diluted mixture of dish soap and hot water. Using a non detergent cleaner like ammonia is ideal as you will avoid soap build up which causes a haze on the surface of your floor. A build up of soap will cause the floor to become slippery when it gets wet. Never use any abrasive cleaner, this type of cleaner can damage the epoxy surface dulling it permanently or putting grooves or scratches into it. If your hot water and cleaning mixture doesn’t work to remove the stain you can try a non abrasive cleaner. Using vinegar is not recommended either, due to the acidity in vinegar dulling the surface of your flooring.

Epoxy is so durable that it will last for many years when properly cared for. The tough and easy to clean surface is bacterial resistant too. It is a green alternative and inexpensive way to replace a floor or seal cement.