Common Misconceptions about Epoxy Flooring, Part I

Garage Interior with White Flaked Epoxy Floor Coating and Closed Double Garage Doors
Many people aren’t as familiar with epoxy flooring as they are with other garage flooring types, so it is not uncommon for there to be misconceptions about this flooring option. Here are a few epoxy floor coating misconceptions debunked:

Epoxy floor coating is hard to maintain: Because epoxy flooring resists stains and dents, there is virtually no maintenance needed aside from regular sweeping or wiping up spills.

It’s not worth the investment to upgrade my garage flooring: In most households, the garage is the main point of entry to the house. Don’t you want people to see a beautiful floor when they first visit your home? Despite being low maintenance, epoxy flooring is one of the most attractive garage flooring types.

Paint is a comparable flooring solution: While they may look similar when applied to concrete, paint and epoxy coating are not the same. Epoxy floor coating is a moisture-resistant resin that creates an impenetrable barrier.

These are just a few misconceptions about epoxy floor coating, which Floorguard is proud to have been professionally installing for more than 30 years! Check back for part two of this blog to see a few more misconceptions about epoxy flooring.