Commonly Asked Questions about Garage Floor Epoxy

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Are you considering a garage floor epoxy for your home, but still need more information about this flooring solution? Here are some commonly asked questions about epoxy floor coating, answered:

Q: How long does garage floor epoxy last?
A: A professionally installed epoxy floor can last an average of 15 years or more.

Q: Are epoxy floors smooth?
A: Epoxy floor coatings create a smooth, glossy finish that is both attractive and durable.

Q: How do you clean an epoxy floor?
A: Because they are not absorbent, cleanups on epoxy floors are very easy. Sweep up any loose debris, use a dust mop as needed, and for more vigorous cleaning, a foam mop with a mixture of half a cup of ammonia and a gallon of hot water will do the trick.

Q: Is epoxy flooring scratch resistant?
A: Epoxy flooring is extremely resilient, and is both scratch and dent resistant.

Q: Will my epoxy floor fade over time from UV exposure?
A: Epoxy floor coating resists fading from UV exposure, which means your floors will look beautiful for years to come.

If you still have additional questions about garage floor epoxy coating, visit Floorguard.com. Our professionals will be happy to discuss the benefits of this garage floor coating solution.