Comparing Your Options for Concrete Floor Coverings

Almost all garage floors are made of concrete. Many homeowners decide to complete a garage floor resurfacing project with carpet, panels that snap together, paint, or other materials. However, most of these products don’t provide much extra, long-lasting, structural strength to concrete. Enter epoxy floor coverings. Epoxy is an up and coming product in the floor covering world. Many homeowners are beginning to choose epoxy over other floor covering solutions because of the long list of benefits it has.

Most homeowners choose to cover their garage floor because it is unsightly. Between cracks, holes, stains, and other blemishes, concrete can become a very unappealing flooring choice. So, to solve the problem, many homeowners simply masked the problem, but this didn’t actually solve the problem at hand. This is why epoxy was introduced to the market.

While carpet can somewhat absorb possible stains and maybe cushion a falling object and preventing a bad crack or chip, epoxy is completely cleanable so anything you spill will come up and never stain your concrete. It is also incredibly durable. This means that no matter what you drop, it will not chip or break the floor. Paint is often chosen to enhance the looks of a garage. With so many colors to choose from, you can see why so many homeowners would choose this route. However, epoxy can be completely customized. If you want a certain color, a design, or even your favorite football team’s mascot on your garage floor, you can do that. Epoxy is customizable start to finish. If you work in your garage a lot, you can even ask for a non-slip epoxy finish to prevent slips and falls in your garage workshop.

A popular choice, lately, has been puzzle-like boards that snap together in a configuration that sits on top of your garage’s floor. However, this can easily be tripped over and moved around. This is another reason why epoxy is your best bet because garage floor epoxy permeates and adheres to the concrete floor beneath it and will never budge. Epoxy strengthens your concrete from the inside out while covering up stains and cracks to give your garage a much more appealing, durable floor. Epoxy is actually so durable that it won’t need a touch-up or a repair for many, many years! Unlike paint, which will need a touch-up yearly, if not, semi-annually.

This is why it is best to choose epoxy if you are in the business to replace, resurface, and repair your garage floors. If you’re tired of seeing a stained, cracked garage floor, then call a professional epoxy service now. They will have your garage floor feeling safe and looking brand new, in no-time!