Considering Epoxy as a Safety Measure

It does not take long for a garage floor to become ugly looking. You park heavy vehicles, equipment and all sorts of toys in the garage, and the floor takes all the beating. As the years go on, your garage floor may become a hazard to your safety.

With all the oils spills, chemicals and different detergents you put on your garage floor, the protective coating you may have once had on the floor, has now disappeared. Your garage floor is most likely slippery and even damaged a bit from all the heavy cars sitting on the floor.

Heavy cars and equipment can cause crevices and cracks throughout the floor. Heavy equipment can also cause problems over the years just sitting on your garage floor. A garage floor that ends up with deep cracks may even create a problem with the structure of the garage. Once the structure of the garage has been compromised, you will have a major repair job on your hands. It is better to fix the problems in your garage while they are small before they become major expenses. A garage epoxy coating will eliminate your problems and brighten up your garage.

If you do have a garage floor that has cracks and is becoming slippery, there are professional garage floor experts that can help you make your garage safe. Before an accident happens, have an expert explain to you how he can reinforce your garage floor with an epoxy coating to make it safer and beautiful again.

A good epoxy coating will give you the slip resistance coverage to keep everyone safe while using the garage. The epoxy coating will sink into the concrete and give your floor a tough finish, better durability, and keep it from pealing, flaking and cracking. A final seal coat will keep your epoxy floor surface ready to handle any sorts of weight and traffic.

Most epoxy garage floors can be installed in a day. The experts will make sure they take care of the cracks and flaws in the floor before applying the epoxy. The original surface has to be repaired and cleaned really well before the epoxy is applied. A special epoxy product for repairs is used. All the imperfections can be fixed and the floor can be sanded down smoothly.

A new epoxy garage floor will never need waxing or any demanding upkeep. It will hold up to all the heavy traffic, chemical spills and kids running their bikes in and out, for a long time. You can have your garage brightened up with a new epoxy coating, put on by a professional expert.

Your garage floor can also become a beautiful floor to look at by using color epoxy to match different styles. The professional experts can wow you with bold solids, a granite or terrazzo look or give your floor a special colored flake coating. You can even get a splashy metallic epoxy coating to enhance the look and make your garage floor easier to clean.