Creative Ways to Organize Your Garage, Part I

Garage interior with white cabinets and wall storage and a speckled epoxy concrete floor
Installing an epoxy concrete floor in your garage is a great start for transforming it, but once your floors are in, you’ll need to organize the space. Here are some creative ideas for making your garage an organized and effective area:

Ceiling track storage: Invest in a ceiling track storage system to get storage bins off the floor, or build one yourself if you’re more of the handy type. Lots of tutorials are available online, depending on the type of storage containers you’ll be using.

Storage tubes: Cardboard concrete-forming tubes are an inexpensive way to create unobtrusive storage for brooms, mops, rakes, or other tools. Place the tubes on a 2×4 in the event of moisture on the floor and secure them against a wall with a plumbing strap.

Pegboards: An oldie-but-a-goodie, peg boards are a great way to store and organize tools, and the pegs can be moved around as needed to fit the items you’re storing.

Lockers: Have a lot of people living in your home? Lockers are a great way for the entire family to store sports equipment, tools, and more in their own personal area.

Ceiling hooks: Ceiling hooks are a great way to get bikes, kayaks, or other sporting equipment off the floor, creating more space throughout the garage.

Once you have installed an epoxy concrete floor in your garage, the next step is to get it organized! Check back for part II of this blog for more creative organization tips.