Creative Ways to Organize Your Garage, Part II

Garage interior with gray cabinets and a wall storage solution with a gray and white speckled epoxy floor coating
In part I of this blog series we talked about some creative ways to organize your garage after installing epoxy floor coating. In part II we will go over a few more ways!

Upcycled shoe organizer: Spray paint or other products that come in cans are a perfect fit for a shoe organizer. Your spray paint colors will be easy to quickly spot, grab, and put back with this repurposed organization solution.

Parking spots: Use tape to create parking spots on the garage floor so that everyone in the house knows where to park their bikes, scooters, motorized toy cars, and more.

Hanging planters: Label and hang planters on the wall for quick storage of tools, cleaning supplies, and more. For additional storage, attach hooks to the planters to hang items that have handles.

Storage bins: While a simpler and more obvious option, storage bins are great for organizing your garage. Make sure they’re labeled to easily locate things, then designate a spot where they can be stacked.

Cabinets: If you have the wall space, cabinets are a great way to create more places for storage, and the cabinet doors can hide away shelves that aren’t perfectly tidy.

Installing epoxy floor coating is a great first step to getting a garage that looks amazing. Follow it up with these organization strategies to create a garage space that is effective and attractive!