The Differences Between Epoxy & Resin

""You may have heard about epoxy flooring, but how does it differ from resin? Both epoxy and resin are adhesives; however, their use varies. Resin is usually sold in liquid or powder form and is mixed with water to form an adhesive; On the other hand, epoxy is both the name of an ingredient and the name of the result of using the product.

Epoxy is thick and is an excellent choice for flooring for several reasons, one of them being that it cures in much less time than resin. Epoxy is solid and durable, making it the perfect option for garage, basement, or school flooring. Unlike resin, epoxy is heat, chemical, and water-resistant, making your floors safe for kids and adults alike. 

Our epoxy gives you a flexible and durable surface for a high level of protection, and can easily be applied over concrete and other hard-surface floors. Unlike tiles that can come loose or paint and sealants that can peel, the fully warranted Floorguard surface is a thick, seamless system that creates an iron-like bond to concrete.

When you’re ready for epoxy flooring, rely on the professionals to install your new high-quality flooring. Contact Floorguard at (888) 694-2724 or visit us online to learn more about our services.