Do You Spend a Lot of Time in Your Garage?

With so many garage floor epoxy coating systems available on the market today, finding one that fits your budget can become quite daunting. Epoxy garage floor coverings are one of the most durable finishes you can apply. It can instantly change your tired, drab concrete into a highly polished floor. An epoxy garage floor coating is hard wearing and easy to clean, creating a seamless surface that is resilient to chipping, stains and surface scrapes. The thicker epoxy coating does a great job of covering small cracks and flaws in the concrete.

Because epoxy is a topical sealer, it also protects against the dust in a garage that a cement floor can shed. Normal wear and tear on concrete can form a dusty powder that covers your cars, tool benches, and storage containers. It can even be tracked into the house. Epoxy is naturally moisture resistant which is an added benefit for people who live in the North where record snowfalls can be had. Road salt can be easily cleaned up during the winter months instead of corroding the bare concrete.

Some of the most common types of epoxy floor solutions are: Self-Dispersing Epoxy Floor Coatings are chosen for areas with high-traffic and machinery. There are also Self-Dispersing Epoxy Floor Coverings that are combined with Quartz Sand are used for heavy duty high traffic areas, the quartz sand provides non-slip properties. Self-Levelling Epoxy Coating is applied in a thick coating, which covers and smooths imperfections. Mortar Epoxy Coatings are considered the strongest epoxy floor solution. It has the ability to change the underlying concrete to increase strength. Placing mortar between the epoxy and the concrete, creates a strong bond that increases the strength of the concrete.

Some other types of decorative epoxy floor coverings can include Terrazzo-style epoxy coated floors. They are decorative and environmentally friendly. They are made from recycled marble, granite or glass. These epoxy floor coated installations offer virtually unlimited artistic freedom, as the pieces may be colored. Epoxy Flaked Floors are also beautiful and decorative if you are looking for something out of the ordinary for your garage flooring. This type of epoxy solution has received some of the best reviews, both for beauty and safety. With flaked flooring the epoxy is combined with
mica, granite, or quartz, which are naturally slip resistant.

They are a few of the different garage floor epoxy coatings to choose from. There are a wide range of coatings to choose from depending on what your budget is and the type of look you are going for epoxy can be an easy versatile choice for any homeowner. Especially if your garage is your favorite place in the house why not let your personality shine with colored epoxy or decorative flooring choices.